The 7th Annual Irvine Dream Stakes Home Raffle - Dreams Start Here

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Greer's Daily Dose of OC: Win Luxury, Help Schools

OC Register: Mom wins year's free rent in Irvine raffle

CBS2 Los Angeles:Irvine Woman Wins Free Rent For 1 Year

CBS2 Los Angeles: Help Irvine Schools, Win A Year Of Free Rent

OC Register: Winner of Dream Stakes raffle announced

OC METRO: Saturday marks the last day to win an oceanfront vacation at 6 O.C. resorts

OC Register: Swimwear fashion show coming to Irvine Spectrum

OC Register: 1 Day Left for Free Year's Rent Raffle

twtvite: Swim Into Style Week OC: A Tweetup for the Irvine Public Schools Foundation

OC Register: Preview beach looks, support schools at Spectrum

Greer's Daily Dose of OC: Good Deals, Good Causes

OC Metro: Saturday marks the last day to win an oceanfront vacation at 6 O.C. resorts

OC Register: Deadline is Saturday for chance to win vacation package

OC Register: Can future Irvine grads compete with the past?

Real Irvine Journal: Tough Choice: The BMW or the cash?

Greer's OC: Dream Prizes Here

OC Register: Would you take the BMW or $20,000 cash?

OC Register: Irvine couple wins BMW or $20,000

OC METRO: Sterling BMW poised to hand over keys to new BMW

OC Register: Irvine iJam concert event photos

Real Irvine Journal: Allstar Weekend at Irvine Fundraiser

Irvine Public Schools Foundation: Mayor Supports Irvine Dreamstakes Raffle (video)

Irvine Public Schools Foundation: Drive off in a Brand New BMW 3-Series And Benefit Irvine Students

OC Raffle's First Winner

OC Register: Winner of $10,000 raffle prize selected

Irvine Public Schools Foundation: State Budget Jam Inspires Another Kind of ‘Jam’ – One to Benefit Irvine’s Teachers and Schools

OC Metro: Dream Stakes Home Raffle Under Way

Human Clipping Service: SoCal Social Media Success

The OC Register: Spotlight on Education: Uni High senior jams to help schools

YouTube: Dream Stakes Tweetup for Irvine Schools

The OC Register: How Twitter cut Irvine’s school cash crunch

Real Irvine Journal: “Tweetup” helps raise funds for schools

The OC Register: About 4,000 tickets sold in home raffle so far

IUSD News Flash: First deadline for IPSF’s home raffle is today

The OC Register: Tweetup, prizes tonight for Dream Stakes Raffle

TWTvite: Dream Stakes Tweetup for Irvine Public Schools Foundation (IPSF)

Real Irvine Journal: Tax Day Special, "Tweetup" Stoke School Raffle

The OC Register: Update | condo, block, vacation

CBS2 Los Angeles: Luxury Condo Being Raffled Off In Irvine Support Irvine Public Schools

Lucca Cafe: For The Kids!!

Go Ask Your Dad: Win a new house and save schools at the same time

The OC Register: Fundraising home raffle includes free rent

Korea Daily: 교육기금 복권 1등, 70만달러 콘도

Korean Times: 교육구 기금모금 라플티켓 The Irvine Dream Stakes Home Raffle

Hesperia Star: $700,000 Condo in Irvine Schools' Raffle

The OC Register: $700,000 condo in Irvine schools' raffle

Real Irvine Journal: Schools group offers close-up of prize house

Irvine Journal: Schools Offer High Rise Prize

LA Curbed Magazine: $150 to Rent or Own in Irvine Courtesy Another OC Raffle

OC Local News Network: High-rise condo to be raffled for Irvine schools

Greer's OC: American Dream for $150

ABC News: $700K O.C. luxury home up for grabs in raffle

Irvine Unified faces unprecedented $20 million budget shortfall

IUSD website: Luxury high-rise is this year’s home raffle prize

Garrett Atkins Now Pitching in Irvine

Atkins Steps Up to the Plate for Irvine

A letter to the community from IUSD Board of Education President Sharon Wallin and Superintendent Gwen Gross

The OC Register: Raffle Prizes: High Rise Condo, Luxury Rental

Irvine World News: Eight homes sold in Irvine high-rise in the last month


OC METRO, Tamirra Stewart: Irvine Public Schools Foundation gears up for Dream Stakes Home Raffle 7th Annual House Raffle – First Ever High Rise Prize! Using Twitter to sell 15,000 tickets to raise money for Irvine Public Schools Foundation Irvine DreamStakes Raffle Raffle prizes: High rise condo, luxury rental

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